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GarrettĀ® AT Gold Metal Detector

$637.99 $799.95

Garrett® AT Gold Metal Detector

Ideal for prospecting in freshwater streams and rivers

Features help identify high-value targets

Waterproof to 10 feet

Land-use headphones included

A rugged, all-terrain gold and metal detector with true all-metal mode that delivers the deepest detection and sensitivity in mineralized soils. Exclusive technology makes this an ideal all-terrain solution for hunting treasures and relics, prospecting, coin shooting and shallow-water searching. Waterproof to 10 feet so you can search in water. Ground balance helps spread the range in mineral-rich soils. 44 levels of iron discrimination let you alter the detector's midtone signal range, providing precise separation of good targets from trash. Adjustable threshold fine-tunes soundings. Digital target ID. Land-use headphones are included. Uses four AA batteries (included). Two-year limited warranty. Made in USA.

Length: Adjustable 43" to 56".

Weight: 3 lbs.

Frequency detection: 18kHz.

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