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Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

$259.99 $299.95

Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

8kHz frequency is ideal for discovering low- and medium-targets

High-resolution Iron Discrimination helps sort trash from treasure

Target-ID legend identifies targets as they appear

Improved audio for clear target ID signals

Quickly locates jewelry and relics

Boasting an 8kHz frequency for enhanced sensitivity to low- and medium-frequency targets, Garrett's ACE 300 Metal Detector makes quick work of locating buried jewelry and relics. The improved 7" x 10" concentric search coil delivers enhanced coverage and detection depth, while Frequency Adjust allows you to toggle between various frequencies and eliminate interferences for clear readings. High-resolution Iron Discrimination allows you to choose from one of 40 levels of iron discrimination in order to distinguish between trash and valuables with a single glance. Target-ID legend provides identification of individual targets on your LCD screen. Improved audio for clearer target-ID tone signals. Includes a 7" x 10" search coil cover, volume-control ClearSound easy-to-stow headphones and ACE environmental cover that protects the box against dust, rain, mud and more. Made in USA.

Batteries: 4 AA.

Application: jewelry, relic.

Length: 42" to 51".

Search coil: 7" x 10" concentric.

Frequency: 8kHz.

Wt: 2.8 lbs.

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