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Nokta Invenio Pro Metal Detector Package


Nokta Invenio Pro Metal Detector Package

Depth: 10-12 meters (33-40 feet)

Intelligent multi-frequency Detector and imaging system with 3 DD search coils waterproof, System box, earphone, carrying bag

The world's first intelligent detection and imaging system that can show the shape, depth and dimensions of underground metals in real time! Ideal for Deep Treasure Hunters, Archaeologists, Municipalities, Utility Companies, CSI and law enforcement agencies.

Nokta detectors, since its founding, has been taking steps to turn this dream of users into reality. After years of extensive research and development and advanced engineering studies, Nokta has managed to develop the world's first intelligent detection and imaging system: Invenio. Nokta possesses all the technology and technical know-how used in Invenio for which 3 different patents are requested. Invenio is designed as a platform that can be advanced and is planned to be integrated with all hobby detectors (currency and relic) as well as gold nugget detectors in the future.



Warranty: 2 years

Working principle: VLF

Ground Balance: Automatic, manual, tracking

Operating frequency: Pro Pack-5 khz, 14 khz, 20 khz

Search modes: 3 non-motion (including Earth/cavity anomaly), 3-stroke

Weight: System Box-3.7 lbs (1.7 kgs) (with 5500 mAh battery), shaft and handle-5.3 lbs (2.4 kgs)

Search Coils: INV28 Waterproof 11x7 "dd (28x18cm), INV40 waterproof dd 15.5 x14" (40x35cm), INV56 waterproof 22x19 "dd (56x49cm) (included in Pro package Only)

Pro Pack includes:

INV56 Cargo Bag

INV56 22x19 "Search coil

9600 MAH Extra Lipo Battery

Harness/Conveyor belt/elastic cord

USB Cable

AC charger

System box

Car charger

IPTU Sensor


Transport Bag

Shaft and handle

IPTU Transport Bag

Protective Covers

11X7 Search Coil "

Search Coil 15.5 x14 "

Coil-Mounting Hardware

System Transport Box

Check out this video demonstration:

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