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Winbest Premiere Edition Underwater Metal Detector By Barska

$279.99 $578.65

The Premiere Edition Underwater Metal Detector by Barska is used to detect metals in fresh or salt water up to 32.5'. This submersible unit features a 10" search coil, and two operating modes. One mode detects any type of metal, and the other ignores any metal type you are not interested in. An LED light flashes red when a target is detected and an audio tone will emit a distinctive tone when different types of metals are sensed. There are adjustable knobs for sensitivity and volume control since the unit can be used with the included headphones.


Submersible to 32.5'

For Use in Fresh/Salt Water

Two Operation Modes

10" Search Coil

LED Lights Flash Red When Metal Detected

Emits Audio Tone for Each Type of Metal

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