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Metal Detecting Clubs are a great way of meeting like minded people, socialising, discussing the hobby and having people to share the detecting experience with.

If you are new to metal detecting joining a Metal Detecting Club is the quickest way to get started on the right track, as well as meeting people, they may be able to answer questions you have about the hobby.

It is important to find a club that you enjoy being a member of.  Do some research and find which group has what you’re looking for.  It is always useful to try and identify what you want from a club: Socialising? Digs? Advice? And then find the one that matches your criteria best.

Each club will have members looking for different types of finds, as well as hosting a range of experience.  Some will be looking for historical relics, whilst others will be looking for coins or jewelry. This makes a detecting club a great resource for techniques to use in the field, equipment advice, help to identify your finds, detector reviews and details of new locations for you to detect.

A metal detector club is a great network opportunity whether you enjoy sharing detecting stories, discussing your detector finds, comparing machines of have questions your fellow enthusiast could answer.  Do some research, test out the possibilities and find a club you enjoy!